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Being a Human

The most heartbreaking thing I’ve seen in recent times is the media making people truly believe that those who are in genuine need and those who just want to cheat the welfare system out of every penny they can are one and the same.

When I talk about the poor, stop thinking that I’m talking about an able-bodied working age person who would rather claim benefits and watch his 60″ TV than work and contribute to society. Stop thinking about the mother who churns out child after child to increase the amount of money the state will give her to spend on fags and booze.

Think about the disabled 20-something who can’t leave his or her bed without 24-hour, hands-on care (from a carer not earning enough to live above the poverty line). Think about the guy who built a career in a job that the government privatised and forced into a minimum wage role because none of the skills he acquired over the last 40 years are relevant. Think about the willing and able, skilled young person who is diagnosed with cancer and has to give up work to fight for his very life.

These people aren’t stealing your taxes. They’re not trying to cheat you. They are other human beings who, given one simple turn of events, you could find yourself side by side with in the hospital or the queue at the job centre. Be compassionate. Just be a good human being.

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