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Movie Recommendations: February ’10 Part I

I know that last time I said I’d give you some comedies to make up for the nasty shit I recommended but as I was thinking about what to share with you this time I just got more violence and scary stuff. Oh well, Maybe I’ll write a piece on Steve Martin or something next time to lighten it up. Anyway, here are  5 more movies for you to wile away the hours.

Wolf Creek (2005)

Only the second Australian movie I’ve ever recommended, Wolf Creek is a terrifying story of a group of young backpackers who are stranded in the outback and rescued by a passing bushman. What at first seems like an end to their nightmare turns out to be only the beginning as one by one the group are picked off by their rescuer in a variety of sick and brutal ways.

Wolf Creek

Blindsided isn’t the word here. I had no idea this movie was going to turn out to be such a violent, horrifying journey or such a well executed bit of film making. The cast of unknowns add to the feeling that this could happen to anyone and the villain isn’t hammed up like a lot of Hollywood slashers are. It is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Heathers (1988)

Heathers is seriously weird… In a good way. Imagine True Romance and Natural Born Killers if they were told in the form of an episode of Twin Peaks and you’d be getting close. What we essentially have is a high school love story between a girl who hates her friends (Wynona Rider) and a guy who hates everyone (Christian Slater). The two meet and begin a bizarre and hilarious murder spree cutting through the school’s popular cliques.

The Heathers

Everything about this movie is unconventional. The story, the music, the direction and especially the characters. While the clothes and vocabulary might be dated, the movie still stands the test of time. Weird, it seems, never goes out of fashion.

Stir of Echoes (1999)

Around the time we started to see rapid-fire low budget horror coming to the fore once again, out came Stir of Echoes starring Kevin Bacon. The plot revolves around Tom (Bacon) who is hypnotised by a family friend and later begins to see haunting images and what appears to be the ghost of a young girl (Yes, cliche now but not so much when it was released) He soon begins to realise that these are clues and he must get to the bottom of the girl’s death before the hauntings ruin his family’s life forever.

Stir of Echoes

You have to be in the right frame of mind to see this. Don’t watch it expecting Oscar worthy performances or Kubrick calibre direction. This is good, old fashioned shock-horror. That said, it’s better than the majority and she story stands up fairly well too. Stir of Echoes will fit in nicely as part of a horror movie marathon or a lazy night on the couch movie with popcorn.

Fortress (1992)

Are you ready for some cheese!!? You are? Great, then here’s Fortress! Starring Christopher Lambert, yeah the Highlander, as John Brennick, a man who is thrown into a high security underground prison when he and his wife attempt to flee the country with their illegal, unborn baby (the country is under population control).  He makes it his mission to not only escape but rescue his wife (from the women’s wing of the same prison) and destroy the evil facility and its corrupt warden. See… CHEESE!!!


As cheesy as this movie is, you can’t fail to enjoy it. The dialogue is hilarious, the action is over the top and the plot is just bonkers. Unplug brain, open bag of your favourite movie snacks and just enjoy what some refer to as the last great B movie ever made.

Body Bags (1993)

A first for these recommendation posts of mine, Body Bags never had a theatrical release. The low budget horror anthology “hosted” by John Carpenter was made for TV and still airs from time to time very late at night. Directed by Carpenter as well as Tobe Hooper (Director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Body Bags consists of three short horror tales ; The Gas Station, Hair and Eye, and features cameos from some horror legends including Sam Raimi and Wes Craven.

John Carpenter as the host

What’s great about this is that you can tell that it wasn’t made to make a particular audience happy. Instead it feels like a personal project that Hooper and Carpenter made to entertain themselves. It certainly explains why it never reached cinemas. Of course it’s also because of this that the movie never saw much in the way of critical acclaim. Not everyone sees things like a horror writer. Indeed, the movie might be somewhat lost on anyone but a true horror fan but I feel it’s worth your 90 odd minutes just to see if you like it. I certainly did.

That’s it for this time folks. Later!


  1. Rick - January 29, 2010 10:38 am

    “Imagine True Romance and Natural Born Killers if they were told in the form of an episode of Twin Peaks and you’d be getting close.” – lol yes! That is probably the most accurate description I have heard of the film. It’s awesome, I haven’t seen it for ages. I’m’a have to watch it this weekend!

  2. kym - January 29, 2010 1:20 pm

    I have actually seen Wolf Creek. I don’t usually like that sort of film, and it was a long time ago when I watched it, but I thought it was ok, it is violent and like you say, executed pretty well.

    Your description of Heathers intrigues me a lot, sounds like something I might be interested in… weird, hates everyone, killing spree, yep I’m interested. Lets watch it Rick 😀

  3. Luke Jones - January 30, 2010 12:47 am

    How strange, I was thinking about Stir of Echoes just last week whilst watching American Psycho. It’s a film that I’ve always wanted to watch but never got around to it. You’re going into a very horror-heavy stage at the moment … Have you noticed?

  4. Dan Schonhaar - February 1, 2010 10:43 am

    Yeah I have noticed. It’s starting to piss me off a little bit if I’m honest, but I can’t seem to stop. Every time I go to write a new post I think of more old horror movies I want to recommend. Next one will be a little different.

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