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Beer Review: Buxton New World Saison

Brewery: Buxton Brewery
Style: Saison
ABV: 6.3%
Serving: 330ml Bottle
Price: Around £3

My first venture away from mass produced shitty lager was into the world of Belgian beer. Duvel, Chimay and the like were regulars for me and I was always up for trying new ones when they appeared at my local. As such, I’ve always had a lot of love for Saison as a style. The spicy yeast and lively carbonation are always winners for me. Trouble is, I’ve had a few average-to-poor examples from otherwise great non-Belgian craft brewers. Since Buxton always kick ass I just had to give their dry hopped, New World Saison a shot.

Buxton Saison

The beer pours a slightly cloudy pale orange with the lively, fluffy white head you’d expect from the style. immediately the aroma explodes out of the glass. You get masses of lemon, oak, proving bread dough, citrus peel and an underlying earthy note. just from the smell you know this is going to be a hell of a beer. it is balanced and inviting and begs you to take the first sip.

Flavour is more of that lemon and citrus peel with a yeasty bread note and really nice light hop profile that develops into a refreshing, dry, bitter finish. It’s an incredibly complex and balanced Saison. The hop flavour is a combination of citrus and tropical fruits which I’m guessing (I can’t find a brew sheet for it. Hopefully someone from the brewery can elabourate) comes from a mixture of US and NZ hops. There is lemon, orange, mango, passion fruit, white grape,faint spice and a woody character from the Belgian yeast strain used. There’s a grassy hay note that really drives home the farmhouse feel of the beer and evokes images of a Belgian farm at harvest time.

Mouthfeel is dry and light with a brisk carbonation. Body is again surprisingly light for a 6.3% beer and makes it dangerously drinkable. The recommended temperature to drink a saison is 12-14 degrees Celsius but I’d go a little cooler with this one. The punchy hop profile is forgiving and those few degrees cooler will make for a much more refreshing drop, plus you get a broader range of flavours as the beer warms.

Verdict: 5/5  (Yep, another 5-star beer from Buxton. Who’d have thought it?)

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