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Beer Review: BrewDog Elvis Juice

Brewery: BrewDog
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.5%
Serving: 330ml Can
Price: £2.50 (BrewDog Online Shop)

So Grapefruit beer is now officially a thing. Can’t say it’s an illogical step, since so many hop-forward beers have major grapefruit notes from a fuck tonne of C hops anyway, so why not add actual fruit to really bring that flavour home? Hell, it may actually be a decent tactic for reducing the amount of ever more expensive aroma hops in a brew to remain competitive while still delivering great flavour and aroma. Will the citrus aroma last longer than hop aroma, too? Anyway, I digress. I’ve had a few of these beers now and while I’ve not had a bad one per se, they have all been very different. Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin is stronger than most at 7% and I found it to be almost too bitter, like eating pure grapefruit pith. Then you get Magic Rock’s High Wire Grapefruit; certainly lower on the ABV and definitely not as devastatingly bitter, but blurs the lines between beer and fruit juice with so much grapefruit flavour that the malt and hops were nearly lost.

Elvis Juice

Enter the Scotts.

Elvis Juice is not a new beer really, it made its rounds as a prototype and appeared as a limited run of kegs in the BrewDog bars last year. I never tried it then, so I can’t say if it’s changed at all since becoming a proper release, but what I can say is that it’s my favourite grapefruit beer to date. Yeah, just when you thought BrewDog might have lost a step…

The beer pours perfectly clear dark copper with a lively carbonation forming a soft one-finger head that disappears fairly fast. Aroma is, unsurprisingly, dominated by grapefruit but you do get hints of caramel and pine sneaking in to remind you that this is in fact beer, and a damn good one too.

Flavour is, of course, grapefruit-forward but unlike the two beers I mentioned above, this is very nicely balanced. I can only imagine that those two were made from a “How can we cram a fuck load of grapefruit in this beer?” position whereas this was more “OK, let’s make a great IPA, then enhance it with the right amount of grapefruit.” Whatever they did, it worked perfectly. Malt is there providing a nice background sweetness, hops are singing all the great notes of a west coast IPA and the grapefruit just sits nicely on top of all those flavours providing a great fruity twist to the beer.

So a damn good beer, and at only £2.50 a can, why don’t you go online and get yourself a sixer.

Verdict: 4.5/5

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