July 12, 2008

Back to the kitchen! I smell somethin’ burnin!

I’ve not blogged in ages, sorry about that. Main reason is I’ve been putting a lot of my time into something pretty special and blog related. That’s right, I’m working on a total re-design. In the past what I’ve done is grabbed a pretty generic looking theme with decent web standards and built on that because I felt that it was a quick and easy way of getting nice looking results… also, I was pretty new to WordPress and didn’t know it all that well. What I’m doing this time, however, is build the whole theme from scratch by building a working XHTML template and then putting in all the bits that WordPress needs after.

WordPress LogoOf course it’s not as simple as I just put it but the more and more I look at it, the more I see that it is in fact a lot easier than getting an existing theme and tweaking it… and a hell of a lot more flexible. I should have some screen shots to give you in the coming weeks but below you can take a look a part of the re-design flashing some cheeky ankle… suits you sir ;). I won’t be radically changing the general layout of the site, It’ll still have the sidebar on the right with my latest twitter update and links to my archives and other sweet blogs and the main content area will still contain the latest post in full and the start of the previous four with “more” links. I’m just giving everything a fresh new, more bespoke look. Personally I’m stoked because this isn’t just a chance to get my blog lookin fresh, it’s one hell of a learning experience because every time I build something in WordPress from scratch it gives me a better insight into it’s inner workings. What this means is that I’ll be able to build any kind of site I like using WordPress like a CMS and produce blogs and portfolio sites to other people’s specifications. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to do it too so if you want anything like that doing, get in touch.

Sneaky Peak

So what else have I been up to recently…. hmmmm well, it was recently my boy Brahn’s birthday so we went out for dinner at Le Bistrot Pierre in Derby… it was real good. Before that, though, we took a trip up to the peak district and took some photos which I’ll get up on flickr soon for your viewing pleasure. For his birthday, Brahn got a remote trigger for his EOS 400D which we discovered also worked with Nat’s 350D so we were able to set up a couple of different angles and trigger the shot on both cameras simultaneously. Managed to get some nice shots with that. What we were planning on doing in the near future too is setting up a camera on a tripod and doing some long exposure night shots so keep your eyes peeled for those. While on the subject of flickr, I need to buy my pro account which they only sell in USD for $24.99 or something like that. Problem is I don’t know if my bank will charge me anything for the currency conversion if I pay on my debit card. If anyone knows the answer to this I’d love it if you shared the knowledge.

Oh yeah… on the iPhone front, I’ve pretty much decided to not bother with one unless O2 can match, exactly, my current plan with Orange. Something funny I’ve seen this week though, is how the Apple-loving twitterverse has been talking about the launch. Hard-core iPhone lover Graham Gilbert was one of the greatest, actually tweeting while standing in a queue outside the phone shop waiting for it to open! It’s nuts! Other reactions to Apple’s latest object of desire have been less than gleaming, however. Gav Strange (Jam Factory) lovingly had the following to say….

JamFactory just learnt that the iPhone Apps DONT work on “old” iPhones? What a crock of shit, Apple you are starting to try my patience!

So looks like, following O2′s epic fail last week with the pre-order/upgrade site falling over under the workload that they didn’t expect (yeah right!) the actual device is starting to show cracks. Other tweets point to some of the phone’s apps dramatically killing the battery and as I type this Graham Gilbert has tweeted about the phone getting seriously hot when running any third party app! Not good. So yeah.. if this continues no amount of bending over backwards on O2′s part will make me get one.

Well, that about wraps it up. Until next time sports fans!

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Simon Bennett
July 26, 2008 - 7:06 pm

I am looking forward to this redesign. Even though i love this design to.

Redesigns tent to make me post more as well.

I have found this link http://www.dbswebsite.com/design/wordpress-reference/ which you might find helpful for creating a kick ass template.

Good luck


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