July 6, 2009

Holiday, moving and more!

Personal post time! :) It’s been a long time coming, mainly because I’m not very interesting, but now I’ve got a bunch of good stuff to write up. Over the last few months I’ve been up to a whole bunch of stuff! I’ve been on holiday (well, short break), I’ve been to Santa Pod for Jap Show and most important of all; Nat and I have got our first proper place together!!

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April 14, 2009

Building the web for non-techies

When designing a site, obviously a major consideration, at each stage should be your target audience. This isn’t a new idea, it’s the same for any kind of media be it audio, video web or print. Only with the web, however is user interaction something that must be thought through carefully with regards to your target audience. Different people use the web in different ways. I’m not just talking about people with disabilities or people of different genders. Being tech savvy or non-tech savvy can have a massive impact on the way in which users will interact with the site and this, of course, will have knock on effects in terms of repeat visits and those all important money-making conversions. The fact that users may not, and probably will not, know as much about using the internet as you do is something that I think gets overlooked too often.

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February 23, 2009

Let’s just sue everyone… that’ll make us popular.

I read something earlier that wound me up quite a bit. It was a blog post by Scott Bourne on twipphoto.com where he was ranting, in classic Bourne style about how photographers are being persecuted by law enforcement and security personnel for simply doing their job or enjoying their hobby. He talked about events in the USA and the UK that saw photographers arrested, detained and intimidated. Shocking, yes but not nearly as shocking as his proposed solution.

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July 12, 2008

Back to the kitchen! I smell somethin’ burnin!

I’ve not blogged in ages, sorry about that. Main reason is I’ve been putting a lot of my time into something pretty special and blog related. That’s right, I’m working on a total re-design. In the past what I’ve done is grabbed a pretty generic looking theme with decent web standards and built on that because I felt that it was a quick and easy way of getting nice looking results… also, I was pretty new to WordPress and didn’t know it all that well. What I’m doing this time, however, is build the whole theme from scratch by building a working XHTML template and then putting in all the bits that WordPress needs after.

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June 2, 2008


Recently I’ve been looking over the few blogs I follow such as mostlylisa.com and jam factory and I’ve come to the conclusion that minute44.com isn’t visual enough. It’s plenty wordy, yes yes yes. It’s not pretty, no no no. So with that in mind I have become the proud owner of a new digital compact camera. Now, because I already have regular use of the lovely Natalie’s mighty fine Canon EOS 350D SLR for experimental and high end shots, my main concern was to get something sturdy and pocket sized for quick, discreet point and shoot action. I have had some experience with my friend, Reedy’s compact, a Canon digital ixus 50 and found it a pleasure to use. I used it with great success at my friend’s wedding last year and thought that a newer more up-to-date version of the ixus would be the way to go.

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