April 30, 2011

Things that the iPad really needs.

A few months ago I got an iPad. When they were first released, I like a lot of people looked on them with a doubtful “really?” considering them to be nothing more than a giant iPod touch. When a guy I know bought one on a whim I got a chance to really use one for more than five minutes in an Apple store and my opinion did a total 180°. It all made sense. Using the large touch screen simply feels like the most natural way to use a computer. Instead of interacting with a device which moves a cursor which then interacts with a UI element, you just interact with the UI directly.

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April 14, 2011

Thoughts on Tweetbot

At some point during the night of the 13th of April, iPhone app kings Tapbots launched their long-awaited twitter client, Tweetbot. Having purchased other apps by Tapbots (Calcbot and Convertbot) and been more than a little bit satisfied, I downloaded Tweetbot first thing Thursday morning and removed Twitter for iPhone from my home screen. What follows are my initial thoughts after using the app for a day.

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April 7, 2011

Review: Rubber (TBC)

Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
Starring: Stephen Spinella, Roxane Mesquida

You may have heard of this one, maybe not. Rubber follows the story of an abandoned car tyre that comes to life and begins killing off the population of a remote desert community by psychokinetically blowing up their heads. Yeah, you read that right. So anyway, after a stupidly long break from this little old site, allow me to review what is probably the most ridiculous movie I’ve ever heard of.

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